Friday - The Party

Good food.

Good Food

Good times. (Though, I have to admit it was considerably more interesting when it got dark and the torches were lit and we tried to avoid melting the beach ball.)

Playing volleyball

Helpfully labelled drinks.

Helpful labels!

Saturday - The Graduation

Good music.

Brian Maxsween, singing

Good speeches. (<plug> yes, this is me </plug>)

Christine Spang, speaking

Saturday - After We Are Graduated

In which I pose with the superintendant.

Me with Dr. Rudolph Rubeis, West Genesee Superintendant

In which I pose with my brother outside in the blinding sunshine and blazing heat, while thinking about the cool water that happens to be behind us.

Blinded outside

In which I pose with my parents and brother in a moderately more forgiving environment at home.

The Parental Units

In which I pose with my brother and grandparents, who could probably stand in for an alternate Matrix cast, and kick your [posterior]. At least in this picture.

The Matrix

In which my cousin Mark discovers that my stole is kinda fun.


In which a good friend of mine gives me a freaking awesome shirt.

This Blows

I will now proceed to summarily disappear off the face of the 'net from sometime tomorrow until late Monday or so, in which I Move To Cambridge.