Today was Physics Day. I.e. all the physics students around Central New York took a field trip to Six Flags Darien Lake and pretended to do a lab while riding roller coasters. Some of them may have actually done the lab at the amusement park. Others only attempted to. Still others didn't even attempt.

It was fairly nice out, albeit really, really cold. It definitely did not hit 60 ever during the day, and we almost had frost the night before (is it really late May?).

The AP (advanced placement) classes made T-shirts for the trip (note the hoodies underneath):

Physics Day Group

On the back they have physics-ish greek letters on them, though some of them are combined in strange combinations that have absolutely no relevance whatsoever to actual physics. E.g. picking one's initials, or spelling out "pow".

Mine's a sort of joke on my second-in-the-class-ranked GPA:


Here are a few people in the "attempted to do lab while in park" category:

Attempting to do the lab

I definitely had a good time. It sort of felt like the weekend never ended; tomorrow's going to seem strange. Plus, with our Fine Arts Department end-of-the-year concert on Thursday with small ensembles getting out very early to rehearse at the Syracuse Civic Center, and Friday being a snow day give-back, this week is incredibly short. Word.

In productivity news, I finally finished P&P part II this weekend after putting it off for an entire month-ish. Don't I feel accomplished.