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I occasionally get emails from people looking for GPG keysigning around the Boston area, addressed to all the local Debian Developers on the keysigning offers list. Generally, I'm the only one who replies to them, despite there being four or so other people addressed. I wonder if this problem pervades other locations as well.

Keysigning is one of the hurdles every person interested in becoming a full Debian Developer must overcome. The New Maintainer process is a hurdle enough in itself! Let's try not to discourage excited newcomers who are already convinced that they want to help Debian by leaving them hanging for long periods of time trying to get their key signed.

Have you moved? Are you no longer interested in filling keysigning requests? (I suspect many of those who would answer "yes" to that question are actually inactive, and so are unlikely to actually see this.) Are you interested in filling keysigning requests but didn't know about the offers list? Go to the keysigning offers list on the Debian wiki and update, add, or remove your information. There's also the list of people requesting keysigning—you can subscribe to this page to see updates.

Posted Sat 03 Apr 2010 02:48:23 AM UTC Tags: tags/gpg